The development, manufacture, sale and distribution of ecological vehicles. The Tremola is an innovative, practical electric vehicle for everyday use. Designed and produced in Switzerland.



  • Three-wheeler concept that leans into corners like a motorbike.
  • All three wheels tilt at the same time according to how the driver leans.
  • Improved road grip and safety.
  • Compact design.
  • Combines the agility of a motorcycle with the protection of a car.
  • Zero emission, zero pollution, low energy consumption.
  • Rear wheel e-motors.
  • No helmet or special skills required, just a regular car license.
  • Light weight e-vehicle, class „L5e“.
  • Large driving pleasure due to new tilting technology.
  • Megacity vehicle with a track width of 0.8 m and a length of 2.0 m.
  • The safety retention system include a three-point safety belt.



  • Top Speed: 80 Km/h
  • Weight: 270 kg
  • Range: 120 km
  • Battery System: 48V Lithium Ionen
  • Seat: 1
  • Charger: Portable Devise
  • Frame: Steel Tube
  • Wheels: 13"
  • Motor: 2x AC Motor
  • Power: 11 kW (14 PS)


State-of-the-art industrial production processes and strict quality control guarantee identical specification for each vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tremola’s top speed?

The Tremola vehicle is designed to drive at all street legal speeds and to have a top speed of approximately 100 km/h.

How much will the Tremola cost?

The price target is between € 17,000 and € 19,000. Depending on demand and powertrain choice, more buyer interested will help lower the cost per vehicle to produce.

Is the Tremola a motorcyle or a car?

You can drive a Tremola with a car or motorcycle license.

What are the safety features being considered for a Tremola?

The Tremola will come equipped with side-impact rails, a steel roll-cage. Tremola lean control adds an entirely new and fun dimension to driving.

How can I reserve a Tremola?

We are close the developing work and test in 2017. We will notify those who subscribed/registered when we are ready to accept the no obligation reservation list. We take your privacy very seriously and do not share or sell your information. You can opt out any time.